Annual Conference

25th - 26th April 2018, Bolton, Manchester

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ODNE is pleased to invite you to join us at our next annual conference and gathering on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th April, 2018 at the Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL7 9PZ.

A pre-conference day will be held on Tuesday 24th April.  On this day, two parallel sessions will be offered: one for New to Field and one for Experienced Practitioners.

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**********An Invitation to the OD Community to Contribute to the 2018 Conference***********

One of the requests in the feedback from our 2017 Conference was to do some advance work to shape some parallel sessions with a range of options, as well as our Open Space generation of sessions in real time.

So this year we are inviting people to consider contributing a session which would contribute to our Conference theme. 

The Theme of the conference is Relevance

When we discussed this in our planning work we noticed that, as a word, it evoked many things for us.  We mapped them out and shared them, noting that it relates in particular to our impact, added value, usefulness and power, as well as how up-to-date and modern our thinking is.  Some people thought about it in terms of organisational relevance and some in more abstract terms, and we ended the discussion quite excited about the possibilities of this theme.

We would love to have sessions which link to our threefold conference purposes of creating a space to support

  • Exploratory learning
  • Warm relationships and connections
  • Enhancing the impact of OD

We are not sure how many sessions we will have space for, but we can design around what we receive.  One idea that we have in mind (we are ‘Pinching with Pride’ from IODA (  is to ask people who are proposing similar sessions to work together on a “mash-up” of their ideas. 

Please let us have a few words about what you are proposing, giving us your contact details and describing what the “Relevance” of your session is, and in particular who you think it might be relevant to.   Also say something about the kind of time slot that might work for you. 

We don’t want to create a vast bureaucracy for this, but would like to have contributions by the end of December so that we can map them out during our January meeting.  Some simple rules we like to apply are:-

  • Similar suggestions will be asked to mash-up. No mash-up, no spot
  • No product-pitching, but trying out new approaches in service of your own and others learning is great
  • It needs to be relevant to “Relevance
  • Pass this invitation far and wide 

 All proposals should be submitted by 31st December 2017.