Roffey Park - Programme: Use of Self - a core practice of OD

28 Jan 2019 - 29 Jan 2019

This workshop is led by Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge, a global authority on the field of OD.  Mee-Yan Is known as a “scholar-educator-practitioner” in the field of Organisation Development.

As OD practitioners we work within living systems of diverse individuals and groups which generate unique behavioural patterns and cultures. Any expert led, pre-determined design and formulaic approach is inherently at risk for those who are called to help. Being integrated, trusting one’s own inner resources, making discerning judgement in the “here and now” are all critical.   As Tannenbaum and Hanna (1985) pointed out  “Use of Self as social sensitivity – accurately reading the environment-action flexibility—having the capacity to act in different ways as appropriate to the situation.   More than mere technique.  UoS is an approach…that emanates from the core of the consultant.”  

The primary purpose of this two days workshop is developmental – to help participants gain a deeper understanding of how their Use of Self is working and how they can further their lifelong development of using themselves in a more potent way.

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