The Tavistock Institute - The Art of Consulting Practice

13 Feb 2019 - 20 Sep 2019

As an experienced practitioner with managerial, professional and/or academic qualifications, you are looking to further gain practical skills, theoretical confidence and authoritative presence.

Apply for The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change if:

• You are finding that uncertainty, not-knowing and ambiguity are no longer surprising;
• Your attention is called forth increasingly to the urgent and emergent, no longer only to the important and the planned;
• You want to grapple with creating together and crafting practice collaboratively;
• You want to expand or sharpen your professional identity, take yourself to new places and find new edges;
• You want to make deeper sense of your consultant role with an international group of colleagues from diverse domains.

This programme draws on classic Tavistock expertise in individual learning, group development and organisation change to offer a professional development programme for consultants, leaders and professionals looking to develop their consulting and change management practices and shape their presence.

Click here  for more information.  Places are limited, and the closing date for applications is 4 January 2019.