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Welcome to our Blog

We invite blog submissions on topics and themes directly and tangentially to OD as a field of practice:

    • Directly: it’s about OD explicitly
    • Tangentially: it may not be about OD but it has utility and broadens, challenges and feeds our thinking e.g. on social issues, another field (e.g. Org Design), philosophy etc. The links and relevance would need to be clear to the reader.


  • Opinion pieces
  • Case studies
  • Stories
  • Length: between 200 and 1000 words max. If you need more, convince us. Blogs are not journal articles.
  • Video: please ensure you have permission to link/include. We will need verify you have permission, and appropriateness of content.
  • Documents: if you wish include links to a third party site where the reader can download document(s) relevant to your post, please send us details plus why it is important we include this.
  • 140 character abstract, for use in promoting the piece via social media (we may edit this).

What we don’t want:

  • Score-settling, dirty-laundry or bitching. Want to rant? Find a big open space elsewhere and go for it.
  • Libellous content: think about what you are saying; if it is not in the spirit of learning you are missing the point.
  • General pitches and academic theses, although well-researched and referenced, are not what we are interested in here.
  • A re-hash of what is in the news without a new slant or angle.
  • Jargon.
  • Over-linking.

The Process:

  • Please email pitches to We will respond within two weeks.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that copy is accurate and independently verifiable (wherever possible).
  • We will ask you for contact details of people interviewed and sources of factual information – we may check facts as part of the editing process. Any interviewees will need to be aware that they might receive a call from our team to ensure accuracy. If you are interviewing off-the-record, we will certainly need to know who they are, and may need to contact them.
  • Blogs will be posted for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six weeks, after which time they will be moved to the archive.

Please note that whilst we welcome blog submissions from non-members, only logged-in members are able to post comments.

Steve Hearsum – ODNE Board member

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