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Our very own ODNE Board Member Maxine Craig was honoured by the American OD Network for her contribution to the field. Maxine was awarded the ‘Sharing the Wealth’ Award. This award is awarded periodically to a practitioner who exemplifies and lives the values of the field of practice.  The award winners demonstrate the following:

  • Invites less seasoned professionals to actively partner in “stretch” projects, work assignments and internships
  • Contributes time and energy pro bono to make expertise more widely available
  • Supports others’ ability to share their experience and knowledge with wider audiences
  • Creates and makes accessible resources for those wanting to learn and explore
  • Passionately demonstrates the belief that everyone in a community can make a significant contribution; has worked to ensure all voices are valued and heard

Maxine is seen here receiving her award from Cindy Miller – Award Panel Judge, In Las Vegas in October

Congratulations Maxine!

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