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Meet… Gareth Evans

Gareth was recently elected to the ODN Europe board

Your first ever job?

Vehicle Technician with a pre-dealer distribution business within Kent, part of the Mazda UK group and franchise centre for Maserati Cars.

A proud moment

My family being part of my graduation ceremony on the completion of my Masters of Sciences in Systemic Leadership & Organisational Development with the University of Bedfordshire in 2017.

What book are you currently reading?

‘The Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawking – A fascinating book that is highly provocative… that explores the latest thinking about the origins and future beliefs of our universe. Immerses you into the astonishing and brilliant mind of Dr Stephen Hawking.

A learning you’d like to share

The importance of not forgetting or dismissing the many seminal theories of yesteryear that are still relevant today and in the future that have had a profound impact on our lives, personal and business.


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