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Meet… Sharon Nash

Sharon Nash, HR & OD Consultant who aspires to help leaders realise their strategic ambitions faster by connecting strategy, leadership and culture. As a Leadership Coach, Sharon is passionate about helping others to learn as they navigate difficult transitions, either in their personal or professional lives, and unveil the best of who they are.

Your first-ever job?

A Saturday job in retail, working for C & A


A proud moment

My proudest moment was walking onto the stage at the University of Sussex in summer to collect my Masters in People and OD.  This is something that I have always aspired to do but there were always excuses; I don’t have the time; I’m not sure I can really do this.  Sound familiar? This was by far one of the most liberating experiences of my career, and above all else, it reinforced that self-imposed boundaries are just a fear-driven illusion to be smashed.


What book are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Helping People to Change by Richard Boyatzis. So far, it offers a deeply compelling narrative about how to help others learn, not by focusing on correcting problem behaviours, but by helping individuals to connect to that inner positive vision of themselves.


A learning you’d like to share 

I must be a slow learner, as it only dawned on me last year that I have to create my own meaning in life instead of waiting for it to smack me in the face.  I also learnt that transitions are a good place to be.  I liken my own transition to hovering in an aircraft holding pattern, being clear about where you want to land, but waiting for the conditions to be favourable, not perfect, before putting your landing gear down.  As my coach Kiki always told me, we have only one precious life, so where will you land next?

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