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Join us in October at the third Organization Development World Summit

ODN Europe are proud to be part of a worldwide network of OD professionals through the International Organization Development Association (IODA), and we are delighted to be co-hosts for their upcoming OD World Summit Conference.

Organized and hosted by Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand and IODA, the third (virtual) OD World Summit – after Budapest in 2010 and Portland in 2015 – will focus on the turbulent future we’re all confronting as a global professional OD community.

The theme is BREAKPOINTS AND BEYOND and will feature some fantastic speakers and sessions in an online event running from 14-16 October 2021. As ODN Europe members you can access this event at the IODA Member rate.

Why “Breakpoints”?

Breakpoints are sudden, unexpected disruptions where old ways abruptly fracture, and new ways must be quickly and creatively invented to meet complex challenges and move us forward.  As experts in learning and change and in the dynamics of human systems and processes, breakpoints invite us to work at every level – individual, group, team, organization, societal, and planetary – to recognize, access, and engage human possibility.  And they require us to work collectively to innovate, re-create, and co-create our capacities for living and thriving together, across the globe.

So hereby, we urge you to join us (virtually) in Bangkok to discover how we can enjoy thinking, talking, working, and learning together:

  • Across generations,
  • Across cultures and differences,
  • Across geographies, boundaries, and time zones.

And most of all, we invite you to join us (virtually) in Bangkok to build and expand your network of global colleagues by:

  • Sharing your stories and experience,
  • Exchanging key, professional lessons,
  • Comparing unique, cultural perspectives,
  • Co-creating new and exciting initiatives to work on after Bangkok.

See the ODWS2021 website for more information and to buy tickets:

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