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Designing for diversity, equality, and inclusion

Continuing the conversation

Is it possible to design diversity, equality, and inclusion into an organisation, and if so, how?

With the help of Abi and Jodie, our outstanding interns from the University of Liverpool, during the period of May to September 2021, we asked this question in the context of the City of Liverpool. Those we spoke to recognised that training, diversity plans, and “champion” roles may not be working as well as we expected.

We have shared our findings with city leaders, the NW OD Community, the Civil Service OD Shared Expert Service, the European Organisation Design Forum and OD Network Europe.

This is a question of organisation design. How we can design diversity, equality, and inclusion into an organisation, in a way that is sequential, intelligent, and intentional.

Here are the seven recommendations

  1. Leadership commitment to action – if it’s not evident, don’t waste your time.
  2. Explore, discuss, and define what each of the words, diversity, equality, and inclusion means in your organisation – create the shared conversations of
  3. Whole system focus – include your whole organisations people, policies, and practice, not just HR.
  4. Develop training based on personal storytelling, encouraging learning in the spirit of humble enquiry – “This is a place where……………………… ”
  5. Organisation assessment – find out all can you an about what has been done or being done in the space.
  6. Involve people to co-create the future – this is about the inclusion of
  7. Engage with the wider community – seek out others who are exploring the same issues in your city, town, or community.

We have been approached by one organisation start the work. To translate the research into practice. Want to know more, get in touch?

Peter Lawrence, Ai Change Management Liverpool, November 2021.

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