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OD Competence App testing – Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge

Mee Yan’s project – the OD Competence App – has been underway for close to 2.5 years and is now ready for testing.   ODN Europe  welcome the opportunity to share  with our members the links to test the app.  All the information is in the invitation letter which also has the link to the OD app – all the links are below.  The deadline is the end of January.

Mee Yan asks for help in two specific areas:
–    Test the app yourself.  Any feedback from you and from your community will help  finalise the work of this app before formal launching it in the Spring.
–     Help by passing the link to the invitation letter to as many colleagues/clients in your network whom you think will be interested in using this app to ascertain where they are in their OD career journey.   Your and their feedback will help turn this into a robust and useful tool.

Mee Yan writes :
Finally, please know that this is not your normal short sharp app, it is a substantial educational app, hence will require a) your patience in navigating through this app; b) your willingness to invest your precious time.   As someone said to me, this app is not for the faint hearted, but for those who want to pursue mastery for self and for the field.    For your willingness to invest time and effort in working through this app, I want to express my deep gratitude in advance ‘

There are 3 ways to get to the Invitation letter which is recommended that you read  first before visiting the app:
1.   the long link a shorter hyperlink in text.
2. The OD App Field Test Invite.
3.  This short url:  Clicking on it will take you to the invitation letter on Google
Here is the link to the app  (

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