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ODN Europe

ODN Europe AGM

We would love for you to come to the ODN Europe AGM on Thursday 30 June at 6pm BST. This is an opportunity for you to hear about and input into ODNE’s activity and the financial position of the organisation, and have conversations  about some of our key areas of focus.

  1. Welcome and Check In
  2. Review of 2021
  3. Membership and Finance Updates
  4. 2022 Key Areas of Focus:
    1. ODN Europe and OD Competence – What to do with Mee-Yan’s App?
    2. Recruiting Board Members – Why is it so hard?
  5. Open Space for Member Questions and Suggestions
If you’re interested in any of these areas – or anything else about what ODN Europe is or isn’t doing – then you need to come along and join the conversation. It’s also a good opportunity to meet other members of ODN Europe and get to know the board a little better.
Please register to attend here: ODN Europe AGM – ODN Europe
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