Maxine Craig

Member Engagement Portfolio Lead

Dr Maxine Craig is fascinated by people and structures and the impact they have upon each other. She works with groups, teams and communities across a range of sectors to support improvement in business performance and personal thriving. She has a keen and practical interest in how democratic and governance structures impact and support (or not!)  wellbeing in the groups, workplaces and the wider community. In both 2013 and 2014 she was awarded Top 50 Innovator status (Health Service Journal) for her work across the country over a 15-year period in team development.

Maxine is a freelance development practitioner a role which she took up part time in 2011, but one which she made her main work when she hung up her NHS boots in 2015, having served the public for over 33 years. She now focuses upon building OD capacity and capability, undertaking interesting OD projects and contributing to local communities.

Maxine is a Visiting Professor of Leadership and Management, a Trustee of Teesside Hospice and a Board Member of the European Organisation Development Network.

(Maxine’s CV, publications and areas of specialist interest can be viewed here should you want any further information )