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Our Board

In 2012 the decision was taken amongst a group of professionals working in the field of Organisation Development to set up ODN Europe and to work towards an inaugural conference in the spring of 2013. Supported by Dr Mee-Yan Cheung Judge, a group of interested professionals was invited to serve as the temporary Board of ODN Europe and to form the organising committee of the conference. In May 2015 our first formal elections were held for Board positions.

Outgoing Board members in 2015 were: Erik Edhag, Suzanne Lamont, Rhonda Miller
Outgoing Board members in 2016 were: Kate Cowie
Outgoing Board members in 2017 were: Pauline Holland, Andreas Priestland, Ola Odumosu
Outgoing Board members in 2018 were: Martin Saville, Suzanne Padovani
Outgoing Board members in 2019 were: Julie Beadon, Gifford Tanser, Maxine Craig

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