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Angelika Burovski, Msc, EAGT-GPO

Pan-European Community Building

Angelika is an Organisational Development Consultant and Coach. Passionate about how OD can be applied in wider Social system change, she dedicates her energy to building healthy capacities in individuals, teams and systems.

An entrepreneur at heart, she believes in the positive impact that businesses can have on the community and the wider system. She is an accredited Gestalt therapist and Systemic Mapping coach, she uses Gestalt theory, Systemic Mapping and Whole Intelligence in her work as facilitator and coach. Angelika has a background in business and finance and has lived nearly half her life in Switzerland. Her exposure to a multicultural background from an early age has made her very sensitive to cultural differences and the benefit of dialogue across cultures. She believes in the interconnectedness of all parts of the field and in the responsibility that each individual and organisation has towards the well-being of the wider field.


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