Relevance: What do Organisations need from Organisational Development right now?

ODN Europe Annual Conference
Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th April 2018 9am- 5pm
Tuesday 24th April: New to the Field and Experienced Practitioner workshops
The Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9PZ

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The relevance of organisational development has never been more critical, given the complex issues facing communities, organisations and wider society. This raises the question of how we as OD practitioners can play a role beyond that which we do currently.

What is going on in the organisations we work for? What are we noticing and focusing attention on? What are our clients grappling with? How much do you experience your working context becoming more demanding?  Are the issues you and your colleagues face more sticky or wicked? 

Whether you see yourself as new to OD, a seasoned practitioner, or neither of these, we welcome you to join us to explore these questions in a relaxed and informal setting. Our ethos is about creating space to support exploratory learning, and developing relationships in service of ourselves and the organisations we work for.  The conference offers a stimulating blend of conversation, provocation, theory and practice.

Keynote sessions

Dr Naomi Stanford: Sacred Cows make the Best Burgers
To stay relevant in the light of what organisations need now, Naomi Stanford, Organisational Design specialist, will work with us to identify what are the sacred cows of OD. We’ll then see if we can re-think, renounce, renew, or even celebrate them by exploring if they are still useful in meeting the demands of our work in volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain contexts. In this highly interactive session we will examine our assumptions and (maybe) walk away with different views of OD: What we do and how we do it.

Dr Glenda Eoyang and Griff Griffiths: There Be Dragons
Your OD practice is based on assumptions about motivation, change, causality, closure, and power. Complex environments can challenge those assumptions and put you and your clients into the realm of the emergent unknown and unknowable. In this session, Dr Glenda Eoyang and Griff Griffiths will challenge your habits of thought and action. You will discover why your intuition and practice are sometimes more in tune with reality than the textbooks say they "should" be.

The Maydays: Relevance is Improvised - Making it up as we go
For OD to be relevant, you need a particularly pronounced state of alertness and agility which will allow you to recognise, respond to and engage with emergent organisational structures and opportunities. Being in the moment, focused and listening actively is an ability that we all possess but don’t always access easily. The Maydays team are going to remind you of the exhilaration to be felt when you rapidly change your mental state, travel in unexpected directions, and arrive in a place you definitely couldn’t have anticipated at the outset. This is fast and furious, fun yet focused, and deeply relevant.

Offerings from the Field
There will be multiple parallel sessions on 25th and 26th April at the Conference: a mix-up of case studies, tools, explorations and discoveries. 

Parallel Sessions - 25 April

Parallel Sessions - 26 April


Full Agenda

What people said about last year's conference

“Fantastic welcoming atmosphere. Great mix of speakers and work with other members. Loved the pace” 
“A warm, friendly, informal space where I could meet new people, share ideas and learn. Very inviting for outsiders. I now feel part of the ODNE community”
“Lots of connection time with others, the right balance of open space, great dinner in the evening”
“I came away with fresh ideas that challenged and stimulated my thinking”

Whether you are new to OD or an experienced practitioner please do join us.  

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