Experienced Practitioners Day

24 April 2018

After two years of running successful New to the Field days at the ODNE Conference, for 2018 we are running an Experienced Practitioners Day. This is in direct response to feedback from last year, and a request that, as well as offering something specifically for those less familiar with OD work, we run something for more experienced members.

The intention for this day will be to offer sessions that provide stretch and edge. They are longer (3 hours each), experiential and participative. They will run in two tracks, allowing delegates to attend two of the four. The confirmed sessions we are running this year are as follows:

Practitioner Distress (1000-1300hrs)

Ana Karakusevic and Steve Hearsum will lead a co-inquiry into what we as practitioners experience in our work that challenges us the most, that not only might be sticky, but what genuinely throws us off, shocks us, disturbs us, hooks us and what we do about that. The invitation will be to bring your own experiences, including those that you might still be struggling to make sense of, with the intention of using that as material for our collective learning.

Relevant OD Evaluation (1000-1200hrs)

Evaluation seems to be a tricky subject for many OD practitioners. Something we know we should do but prefer to avoid. Perhaps we see it as too mechanistic to fit comfortably with the more organic OD mindset? This can lead to tension with the predictable and entirely reasonable push from clients and stakeholders looking to understand how their money is being spent; it can get in the way of our work being valued as relevant. What do we do with this tension and is there a comfortable way between these two polarities?

In this interactive session Liz Finney and Martin Saville will explore practical evaluation methodologies that can honour both of these positions. We will examine the resources that we have as OD practitioners and look at how these can be harnessed to evaluate our work. Drawing on practical examples we will work with people’s own experience in the room and offer ideas for how they can evaluate their OD work that will meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Emergent Space (1200-1300hrs)

Host TBC

Supervision: what does it mean to us? (1400-1600hrs)

In this session Jean Neumann will work with those in the room to:
-  Increase our awareness of the types of ongoing development that experienced practitioners use;
-  Explore experiences, advantages and disadvantages of these;
-  Clarify the use of the term ‘supervision’ in an organisational consulting context.

Presence & Impact (1300-1700hrs)

There is much made in the literature and rhetoric of OD around the importance of ‘self as instrument’ and paying attention to data at the ‘felt level’. That is important, yet in our focus on self, how aware are we of the presence and impact we have at an inter-personal level? When we self-identify as an ‘experienced practitioner’ for this session, how does that show up? What presence will signal ‘experience’?

Ana Karakusevic and Steve Hearsum will lead a three hour session that will create the conditions for experimenting and experiencing each other in the here and now, and how we experience each other.

Emergent Space (1600-1700hrs)

Hosted by Shelly Hossain and Dr Lennox Joseph.


The Experienced Practitioner day is available to book at an additional cost of only £50 +VAT.  To register for your place, please email us here