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Sometimes many things change at once: in our individual lives, in our families and communities, in the living systems of our organisations, or in the global systems we are all part of.

A lot seems to be changing right now,:

– the after-effects of national responses to the Covid pandemic: changes in how we trust those in positions of power, in what we want from working life and in what it wants from us;
– geopolitical shifts that are reshaping trading relationships, supply chains and patterns of trust amongst nation states;
– the arrival of conversational AI and its ability to answer complex questions in a human-like way;
– increasing pressure for everything to be ’sustainable’; …and so on.

None of this stops conveniently at the boundary of our organisations and often leads, for those who do not embrace changes easily, to feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and powerlessness, avoidant behaviours and paralysis in decision making.

We might call this chaos but perhaps it is more a (temporary) loss of our ability to make sense of how the world works. And if there is field that is good in sensemaking and facilitating complex organisational change it is OD!

The conference will offer us a space to reflect on and renew our ability to make sense of things, via:

– input from experienced OD practitioners and guest speakers;
– Open Space sessions in which we can discuss and expand on these inputs and/or bring hot topics that we want or need to explore with each other.

We will get insights into:

– real-life applications of OD in organisational change and transformation;
– frameworks and methods we might not be familiar with, which can help our practice;
– new ideas we should be thinking about.

And as always, there will be time to connect both professionally and socially.

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