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FLOURISHING TOGETHER, CYCLE 3: 4 May to 13 July 2021

July 15, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Conversation Space 4.4 – Responding to the Sewell Report:

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparity March 2021


We recognise the disappointment, anger and upset the Sewell Report has caused both inside and outside the OD community. We stand in solidarity with the many organisations, institutions, thinktanks and academics who have raised concerns about the limitations of the report and its recommendations.


As OD professionals, our work is to notice and acknowledge the power of structural or systemic forces in organisations and communities and we challenge the individualistic perspective of this report.  We reject too the myth it perpetuates that the harm done by racism is somehow due to the behaviours or culture of the people and communities experiencing racism.


These conversations will offer space for people to process their feelings around the Report and reflect on their options as change agents to advocate and resist, through the use of self and employing the power and privilege each of us holds. Also, to discuss how to support our client systems as they work through the impact of the report on their race equity work.


Sewell Report conversations are open to practitioners and activists outside of the OD community, as well as to OD professionals and those working in EDI in organisations.

For zoom meeting details, please be touch with:


Date Time Hosts
4 May 2021 10 -11.30am Gilly Shapiro

Julian Walker

6 May 2021 10 -11.30am Michael Ciszewski


17 May 2021 10 -11.30am Shelly Hossain

Gilly Shapiro

20 May 2021 10 -11.30am Sarah Bond

Gilly Shapiro

24 May 2021 10 -11.30 am Shelly Hossain

Julian Walker

26 May 2021 10 -11.30 am Shelly Hossain

Julian Walker

9 June 2021 10 -11.30am Jess Taylor

Gilly Shapiro

15 June 2021 2 – 3.30pm Shelly Hossain

Michael Ciszewski

5 July 2021 2 – 3.30pm Jess Taylor

Julian Walker

13 July 2021 2 – 3.30pm Gilly Shapiro

Michael Ciszewski





Conversation Space 1

Space for People of Colour to speak to our experiences as OD practitioners, to share coping strategies, our contributions within the communities and organisations we are a part of, stories of what is working to support anti-racism, and ways of supporting ourselves as we pursue anti-racism.



Date Time Hosts
11 May 2021 2 – 3.30pm Shelly Hossain


19 May 2021 10 -11.30am Shelly Hossain


1 June 2021 2 – 3.30pm Shelly Hossain


22 June 2021 10 -11.30am Shelly Hossain


29 June 2021 10 -11.30am Shelly Hossain


12 July 2021 2 – 3.30pm Shelly Hossain




Conversation Space 2

Space for white people to do their own work. This is often not considered and spoken of. These conversation spaces give opportunity to be curious and gritty about and to own your whiteness and what that means in showing up in anti-racist work. For those of you already working in this space, we welcome you sharing about your work and your learning.




Date Time Hosts
5 May 2021 10 -11.30am Sarah Bond

Julian Walker

11 May 2021 10 -11.30am Jess Taylor

Michael Ciszewski

2 June 2021 10 -11.30am Julian Walker


10 June 2021 2 – 3.30pm Michael Ciszewski


1 July 2021 2 – 3.30pm Julian Walker

Michael Ciszewski

8 July 2021 10-11.30am Julian Walker




Conversation Space 3

These conversations are about sharing and discussing what we can do as OD practitioners to support our various client systems to begin or enhance their anti-racism work and also how we integrate this orientation into everyday practice when we intervene. These conversations are for both internal and external practitioners. It gives us a chance to consider how bold we want to be and at the same time recognise how organisations and leadership might be uncertain how to do this work or how easy it is to lose focus on anti-racism when grouping together Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the same frame. How do we help organisations to know the difference between these frames and stay focused for this purpose?


Date Time Hosts
7 May 2021 10-11.30am Shelly Hossain

Michael Ciszewski

13 May 2021 10-11.30am Satwant Kaur

Julian Walker

3 June 2021 10 -11.30am Satwant Kaur

Sarah Bond

18 June 2021 2-3.30pm Shelly Hossain

Michael Ciszewski

6 July 2021 10-11.30am Sarah Bond

Julian Walker

15 July 2021 2-3.30pm Michael Ciszewski

Sarah Bond




We recognise that any discussion of racism will be sensitive and potentially triggering or traumatic for some colleagues. So, we encourage you to do what you need to take care of yourselves during and after the sessions.



July 15, 2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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