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OD and Sustainability


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  • TBC (Likely Central London)
  • November 12, 2019
  • Tuesday, 10AM to 4PM

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OD and Sustainability

Tuesday, 10AM to 4PM
November 12, 2019


OD and Sustainability

Tuesday, 10AM to 4PM
November 12, 2019


The Summer of 2019 has seen record breaking temperatures in Europe, unprecedented ice melt in the Arctic, wildfires in the Amazon and the strongest recorded hurricane in the Bahamas, taking a catastrophic toll on communities and livelihoods. Climate change is a human as much as an environmental emergency. This year too governments and businesses globally are acknowledging the scale of the challenge and declaring a climate emergency.

Responding to the emergency is going to require equally unprecedented levels of fast, radical and disruptive change – in our own lives, in society and in the organisations we work in.

Change is something that we in the OD community know a lot about. How can we bring that knowledge and valuable expertise – in change leadership, engagement, design, well-being – to bear on the many challenges of acting on climate change, in our organisations and beyond? What do we need to do and learn, and what can we help others to discover?

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring these exciting questions on two levels – to consider what we can do, and perhaps more philosophically and morally, what we should do. What is our remit and responsibility?

We will take an action inquiry approach, with inputs from a small number of luminaries in climate change and sustainable development to inform our conversations before moving into small and large group inquiry to explore the issues and responses.

We’ll create some collective outputs to share more widely and, if there is interest, develop some further action research projects to take forward.

There is a small charge of £35 + VAT for members of ODN Europe and £50 + VAT for non-members.

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