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Circle of Black Men

14-15.30 30th October 2020
14-15.30 27th November 2020
14-15.30 15th January 2021

Ian Phillips and Ian Solomon-Kawall

Using the Educate, Reflect, Engage and Do (ERED) model – to embody an intersectional perspective in our anti-racist practice Imagine a circle of men, a circle of brothers, who through the lens of intersectionality commit to the work of ensuring a just, healthy, beautiful and sustainably life-giving world for future generations. Imagine a circle helping to keep you moving forward toward your aspirations and goals. A circle that is safe to be who you really want to be.

Imagine breaking free of limiting beliefs that sabotage you. Imagine a circle where you can experience and develop self as a catalyst for change. Are you ready?

Resources to be used

Readings and Videos on:

Kimberly Crenshaw, “Race, Gender, Inequality and Intersectionality”

Young Women and girls talk about sexual harassment

Tracee Ellis Ross – YouTube ‘A Woman’s Fury Holds Lifetimes of Wisdom’

Tony Porter – A call to men


Participant Group

Black men wanting to explore intersectionality in effectively promoting Anti-Racism and challenging structural inequality Open group


Registration by 26 October 2020 via ODNE – Sessions free but commitment to attend all sessions please.

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