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White Men’s Conversations

16.30 -18.00 20th October 2020
16.30 -18.00 3rd November 2020
16.30 -18.00 17th November 2020
16.30 -18.00 1st December 2020
16.30 -18.00 15th December 2020
16.30 -18.00 5th January 2021
16.30 -18.00 (19th January 2021)*
16.30 -18.00 (2nd February 2021)*

*These last 2 dates will be held if the group decides it would like to meet.

Michael Ciszewski and Peter Norlin

We seek to create a space and an opportunity for White men to tell our own, personal stories to thoughtful, curious, respectful listeners as a way to settle our minds, maintain our self-respect, and think about the future.


Participant Group

White men who are willing to share their stories and listen openly to others sharing theirs. We would like to have a group of 8-10 White men who will commit to the full set of dates/sessions We intend to run this as a pilot, so participants should be willing to share their experience of the sessions with us.


Registration by 18 October via ODNE – Sessions free but commitment to attend all sessions please.

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