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Hosted by Razia Aziz

Wednesday 9 December 10:00 – 11:30 (UK time)

During this session Razia’s intention are to offer a glimpdr of the world (with a particular focus on racialized experiences, dynamics and patterns) ‘through the looking glass’– the old fashioned word for a mirror which – after Lewis Carrol’s iconic book, came to mean a perspective ‘beyond what is normal or expected’. You are invited – through solo, pair and group activities – reflective, discursive and embodied – to step into this portal to reveal, at all levels from self to system, the living threads of our individual and shared life.

A Message from Razia Aziz

In my 24 years as an independent ED&I & organizational consultancy practitioner – and a lifetime of embodied experience & inquiry – I, like you perhaps, have looked at the questions involved in equ(al)ity, diversity and inclusion in organisations from many angles: legal, spiritual, activist, therapeutic, institutional, structural, healing, social, economic, historial, creative, intellectual. Delving into my own lived experience, achievements, learnings and shadows, I have made many mistakes, fallen foul of my own conceits, worked with my own bias and internalised oppression and grappled with collusion, confusion and conflict. I have suppressed rage when I should have spoken out and waxed to anger when I should have just breathed; I have encountered the divine and demonic in me and in others. I have despaired and I have ultimately started to set aside hope in favour of truth, fear in favour of love. Right now it seems there are big cracks in reality which together have a different quality to anything I – and many others I think – have ever experienced before. The epoch-making changes occurring in our world at this moment are deeply felt and call to us to sense more deeply into ourselves and the world and try and articulate what a wholesome approach would be to the challenges before us as black/people of colour and white practitioners on the OD/ED&I interface. In this I am confronted with the complexity of my multiversal identities and how they call me this way and that in the ebb and flow of world and close by events, home and work, alike.





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