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Gareth Evans


Gareth is a known ‘Business Leader’ and ‘Systemic Practitioner’, with a strong backstory in Organisation Design & Development (OD&D), Leadership and Learning. Gareth’s professional background stems back to the MoD where he served 22 years within Army. Since departing in 2011, Gareth has maintained a focus on helping organisations to be ‘a better version of themselves’ through being professionally creative, curious, courageous. With an extensive and diverse blend of Senior Leadership experience within private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Gareth has successfully helped leaders and managers to shift the needle on performance through behavioural and systemic change.

As pragmatic theorist, Gareth has a passion for simplifying complexity, whist leveraging research, insight and his vast network of ‘Thought Leaders’ and colleagues, past and present to make a real difference in everything his does…

Gareth graduated in July 2017 at the University of Bedfordshire where he studied a ‘Master of Sciences in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development’. Since graduating Gareth has maintained his ambition to be a ‘leading light’ in the world of OD&D through his disruptive and alternative thinking driving positive industry change. Gareth as a ‘Critical Friend’ and ‘Trusted Advisor’ firmly believes much more can done to better integrate known specialisms: HR, ODev, ODes, Learning… helping and supporting business leaders in the creation of ‘smarter organisations, smarter people and smarter performance.’

Gareth has a passion for Cybernetics, Systems Thinking and helping others to be successful.

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