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Welcome to the ODN Europe Mentoring Scheme. This questionnaire is designed for those wishing to be a Mentee. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Your responses are confidential for use only by the ODN Europe Board to match mentees with mentors. By submitting your responses, you are giving ODN Europe permission to contact you directly regarding your participation in the Scheme.

The ODN Europe Mentoring Scheme is an individual mentoring arrangement lasting 6-9 months with an initial provision of four 60-90 mins calls/meetings to be arranged at the convenience of the mentor and mentee. Pairs are self-governing.

ODN Europe will contact you to let you know when you have been matched with a mentor. For general inquiries about the programme, please contact

ODNE is GDPR compliant and upholds the guidelines and policies contained within the rules and regulations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Being an ODN Europe Mentee

Mentees need to be enthusiastic and committed participants in the mentoring relationship, and be willing to work to find solutions to the challenges they face. Whilst mentors can provide guidance and support, their role is not to provide definitive answers. Mentees need to accept responsibility for their own growth and success.

Successful mentees tend to be:

  • Information seekers
  • Good listeners
  • Self-developers of skills and experience
  • Feedback receivers and providers

Mentee responsibilities include:

  • Making the initial contact with the mentor, once they have received contact details
  • Scheduling and initiating meetings
  • Establishing an agenda and sending it to the mentor prior to the regular meetings
  • Respecting the mentor’s time
  • Following through on commitments and goals set during the mentoring sessions

In order to maximise the value of mentoring relationships, mentees will need to assess their individual needs and share their personal vision and specific goals with their mentor.

Mentee Questionnaire
Are you willing to commit to participating in an initial four 60-90 mins meetings/telephone calls over a 6-9 month period? *
Languages - please identify 1st, 2nd, 3rd proficiency levels (Native, Fluent, Basic)
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