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Being an ODN Europe Mentor

A mentor should have expertise in his or her field of knowledge, a willingness to commit the time and energy required, and the ability to build trust-based, confidential relationships.  He or she should also be able to help a mentee set and attain meaningful goals.

Regardless of the goals of the mentoring relationship, successful mentors, according to feedback from mentees, seem to share some basic characteristics:

  • they are willing to share their personal and professional experiences
  • they offer support in a non-judgemental way
  • they are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable
  • they give sound advice
  • they listen well
  • they ask relevant questions
  • they challenge

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming an ODNE professional mentor to support and aid the professional practice and advancement of our OD community. Please see the mentoring guidance for further information, follow the link to review: Mentoring Guidelines. This form is confidential and will be used by the mentoring matching panel as designated in the mentoring scheme. *Please note; the last section: ‘Mentor Profile’ will be used and shared with the mentee to help with their selection of the best matched mentor. Please ensure this section is accurate and concise and summarises the value you can bring to the mentoring relationship.


Please complete this form as fully as possible. The information you provide will help us to match you with a mentee that has development/learning needs that most closely meet your experience and skills.

Mentor Questionnaire
Areas of Expertise and Knowledge
Languages - please identify 1st, 2nd, 3rd proficiency levels (Native, Fluent, Basic)
Applicant Declaration
The information on this form will be used by the mentoring matching group.
By submitting this agreement you will have your manager’s approval to be a mentor. It is expected that you will adhere to the mentoring scheme principles and guidelines, actively participate in the mentoring process and contribute to the evaluation of the scheme.
You also agree to sharing the details contained within this form and any other documents shared by you with any mentee with who you have been assigned to as an ODN-E mentor.
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