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ODNE 2020 Annual Conference – Disruption and Disruptive Practice

Thursday 23 April to Friday 24 April 2020
Pre-Conference Day for experienced practitioners and new to field delegates, Wednesday 22 April
Warwick Conference Centre, UK

Come and join us at our 2020 conference where we explore disruption and disruptive practice in the context of Organisation Development, featuring a keynote address by Margaret Wheatley who will summon us to be leaders for this time of profound disruption. Margaret is a speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, adviser and formal leader.

This is a topic that has been much written and talked about. As a community of organisation development practitioners we are particularly interested in certain aspects of disruption:

At an organisational level, how do organisations disrupt and get disrupted? This may be because of societal changes, strategic choices or technological inevitability. How can we work to sustain organisations to survive and thrive in disruptive times – both from within these organisations as in-house employees, and as external consultants?

At an individual level, how do we disrupt well? With care and consideration but without reducing the transformative impact of disruption. How can we better cope with disruption ourselves? With the anxiety it can cause, and the uncertainty and opportunities it can create. What implications does disruption have on our identity, and on the power relations that shape us? How do we disrupt up?

Finally, we’re also interested in ourselves as a field of Organisation Development. What disruption do we need? And where might it come from?

And as this is a conference on disruption, there’s a good chance other things will bubble up as part of our conversations…

Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April
Day Pre-Conference Day
Including sessions for:
-Experienced Practitioners
-New to Field
Conference Day 1
Start at 10am
Conference Day 2
Finish at 4pm
Evening DisruptOD Event Community Dinner


We will be sharing further information about exciting keynote and seminar sessions over the next few weeks.

We will be joined by Margaret Wheatley who will summon us to be leaders for this time of profound disruption, to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil. Margaret is a speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, adviser, formal leader. She is a best-selling author of nine books, from the classic Leadership and the New Science in 1992 to her newest book Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity. We are delighted that Margaret can be with us. More keynote and seminar speakers will be announced soon.

We’re delighted to offer this year’s main conference package at the same rate as 2019.

The main conference package includes overnight accommodation on Wednesday 23 April, attendance at the conference on Thursday 24 April, overnight accommodation on Thursday 24 April and attendance at the conference on Friday 25 April.  Delegates can also book to attend the additional Pre-Conference Day on Wednesday 23 April to attend programmes designed for New to Field and experienced practitioners.  

All Delegates can choose their conference packages:


Member Early Bird Rate:

Save £60: First 25 Tickets £475 + VAT, or £675 + VAT including accommodation

Standard Member Rate:

£535 + VAT or £735 + VAT including accommodation

Non-Member Rate:

£625 + VAT or £825 + VAT including accommodation

New to Field Rate:

£345 + VAT or £545 + VAT including accommodation

Pre Conference Day:

Special Sessions for experienced practitioners and new to field delegates.

Attendance on this day costs £150 + VAT and can be booked separately or added to your conference package.


To book your place select from:

* Accommodation includes two nights single occupancy of a double bed en-suite room at the Radcliffe or Scarman, with check in from 3pm on Wednesday 22 April, dinner on 22 April and breakfast on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 April.  This is the cheapest and only way of booking accommodation at the venue.

† We offer a special rate to those who consider themselves ‘New to the Field of Organisation Development’. This supports those new to the field and gives an opportunity to build community in a smaller group setting prior to entering the main conference on 23 & 24 April 2020. We have received feedback to say that ‘this was enormously helpful and it felt good to know people before entering a larger unknown community.’

We have already received some exciting offers from members wishing to run our seminar sessions to share their experience and expertise.

The conference is designed to be by members, for members.  So we’d like to hear from any other members who wish to host a seminar. 

To apply to host a seminar please complete the form below. The deadline for submission is 25 January 2020 .

Seminar Form
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