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21 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

ODNE Carnival of Disruption

21 – 25 SEPTEMBER 2020


We welcome you to our carnival running from 21-25 September with a range of sessions running throughout the week across the morning, afternoon and evening. The whole carnival is online – meaning you can join in from wherever you are.

We’re delighted to announce that our opening session (5pm Monday 21st) is Meg Wheatley asking us Who do you choose to be? A brilliant and provocative opener for a carnival where we want to upend conventional ways of looking at OD, organisations, work and life, and explore how we can disrupt, and survive disruption. A range of other sessions will include explorations in the fields of organisational change, leadership, culture, and inclusion, as well as a chance to experiment with some experiential sessions. More details will come soon, including sessions by Stefan Cantore, Mark Cole and Glenda Eoyang.


Why a Carnival?

The idea of a carnival is a space where norms and customs are temporarily subverted, and carnival goers from a vast range of backgrounds are free to experiment, collaborate and create. Depending on your perspective there may also be a celebratory air to a carnival, or a last hurrah before a prolonged period of abstinence…


Why Disruption?

Whilst the initial phases of the disruption of Covid-19 have dissipated to a degree, no one knows what will emerge over the next few months. The Black Lives Matter movement is disrupting centuries-old power dynamics and creating something different and as yet unknowable. Individuals, organisations and whole societies are scrambling to adjust. The theme of disruption in the context of organisation development remains highly relevant.





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