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To overcome the wicked challenges of our time requires us to connect more than ever as communities. What is “community” and how is this different from teams or tribes? What’s the impact of power and influence? And how can we as OD connect, grow and support communities?

Day 1 Wednesday 21st April the conference will follow a traditional online conference day of speakers and breakout sessions covering a variety of topics.

Day 2 Thursday 22nd April will be about bringing together smaller more intimate groups for local, language and interest-based sessions.

Day 3 Friday 23rd April we will return to the more traditional online conference format with more speakers and opportunities to share experiences and learning from the previous days.

Confirmed speakers include Peter Block and Erik de Haan, with a full programme of panel conversations, innovative and engaging workshop sessions, and time for reflection and deeper understanding.

Early bird tickets will be on sale from February.

We are looking for members and non-members to host sessions for Day 2. We are looking for local hosts to run morning sessions in their own language for their local OD community and interest-based sessions for the wider community in the afternoon.

We are also looking for designers and facilitators of sessions for Day 1 and Day 3. We are a community of OD practitioners and each year the conference sessions form an important part of us learning from each other.

To register your interest please complete the following form

If you have any questions, please email We’re also open to having a conversation with you if you’d like to discuss hosting a local session or facilitating an online session.

Because these sessions will run online, we are not limited by space, and it is our intention to offer as many sessions as we can.

We particularly welcome session offers from under-represented voices within OD, including people of colour. We also welcome sessions from individuals outside the traditional OD community.

Contact one of the organisers to discuss your idea and find out more about what is involved and follow the link to put your idea forward. We recognise that your thinking may evolve as we get closer to the Conference, so you do not need to have all the details worked out yet.

The criteria to determine session suitability are:

  • Connection to the conference theme of “creating and developing community”. This can be in terms of skills, case studies, and concepts relating to developing the OD community, or exploring how OD can support communities more widely.
  • Session design that appropriately provides opportunities for interaction for all participants.
  • A design that fits a session duration of 50 minutes max
  • A session that differs significantly from others on to promote diversity in topics.
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