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To overcome the wicked challenges of our time requires us to connect more than ever as communities. What is “community” and how is this different from teams or tribes? What’s the impact of power and influence? And how can we as OD connect, grow and support communities?

Keynote Speakers:
Peter Block, and Erik de Haan.
Peter is the renowned author of “Community – The Structure of Belonging” and “Flawless Consulting: A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used”.  Erik is a therapist and supervisor as well as Director of Centre for Coaching at Ashridge and Professor of Organisation Development, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, therapist and supervisor.

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Erik de Haan

Mary Alice Arthur, Story Activist, digging into three approaches to make the most of the power of community.
• The power of relationship: Who are the practitioner mates who will help you lift your game to the next level? What accountability will you create with them?
• The power of story: How you can make story your ally in supporting your next steps into the flourishing of your work and life
• The power of practice: Explore a simple framework to enable you to put the focus on the elements that will leapfrog you forward as a practitioner.


Shelly Hossain (Director at Global Learning Consultancy) will discuss questions relating to community from the perspectives of people, place and practice with Evelyne Paradis (Exec. Director, IGLA Europe), Nandani Lynton  (VP of Organisational Growth at Siemens Energy) and Pietro Reviglio (Policy officer, EuroCities).

In addition there are a host of other sessions and on Day 2 sessions designed to develop communities of OD practice.

The True Colours Phenomenon session has now moved from Thursday morning to a shorter taster session on Friday. There was a lot of interest in this session and so we are delighted to be able to invite David Shaked and Vivien Hau to present the full session at a stand-alone session (free to ODN Europe members) on 18 June where more people will be able to attend. Hold this date in your diary and more details on this will follow shortly.

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