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ODNE Europe Presents

Dr Sue Binks Webinar


16.00 – 17.30 BST

Leaders’ Relationship To Complexity – A Stages Of Development Perspective

As an OD practitioner it is our job to look at organisations as complex dynamic systems. Some of our clients can grasp that complexity and work with the uncertainty, navigating the emergence with relative ease. However, for every client organisation like that there are likely to be another five or ten who will look at us blankly or insist that we try and create some certainty and predictability, a recipe for success even. This is not an issue of intellectual capability, personal preference, or culture. It has more to do with where they are in their journey of developing the complexity of mind that can handle the complexity of the environment they operate in.

This complexity of mind has been explored by many, including Bob Kegan, David Rooke and Bill Torbert, and is concerned with how our meaning making shifts, or can stall, at various different stages of development. How we make meaning, the lens through which we look at the world, ourselves, and ourselves in that world, is what transforms in transformational learning. As many consultants already profile at what Rooke and Torbert refer to as post-conventional stages, it can mean that we are talking a different language when trying to support change or OD initiatives.

This webinar will highlight the theoretical foundations of this way of thinking about adult development and explore the practical implications for OD practitioners.

In preparation or to find out more, please read this article by Rooke and Torbert.

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