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ODN Europe is the European Chapter of the Organization Development Network, an international professional association of organisation development practitioners.

Organisation Development

Supporting Europe’s organisations to become more effective and healthy through the advancement of the theory and practice of OD.


Find out how membership of ODN Europe can support your career through networking, sharing and learning (including mentoring) with OD practitioners.


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27Oct 20

UK South East Connect Group Update

UK South East Connect Group Update,  9 Oct 2020 By Rhian Cadvan-Jones, Maureen Ghirelli, Sharon Green and Sarah Walsh   The word ‘carnival’ evokes a celebration; dance, music, colour, energy, fun, connections, parades and masks… A feast (before the fast)!  A time when everyone can engage on equal terms as a participant or spectator. The ODNE Carnival was indeed an…

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30Mar 20

AGM Agenda & Presentation

Thank you for all members who attended the first virtual ODN Europe AGM on Friday 27 March 2020.  You can view the agenda and presentation here.

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Latest Tweets

@maxine_craig @CormacRussell @nesta_uk @NHSE_DoOD @people4strategy facilitation space for example, for whole variety reasons. Similar with budgets for development events or reading - forget expensive books, what's in the library!! This is where asset based community development really kicks in! I'd love chat to continue on how our fields meet.1 hour ago 0
@maxine_craig @CormacRussell @nesta_uk @NHSE_DoOD @people4strategy In my experience community & place based work also poses challenges to some common OD practitioner assumptions. Much of my career has been in public service. OD like work in community /voluntary /charity settings faces *massive* resource constraints. Often you can forget 'nice' /2 hours ago 0
@maxine_craig @CormacRussell @nesta_uk @NHSE_DoOD @people4strategy /of #orgdev overlap so much with those who work on place, & with many OD practitioners taking the #somatic & #embodied into account in their work... For what reason are place to person or place to group interactions so often missing? Another idea... /2 hours ago 0
@maxine_craig @CormacRussell @nesta_uk @NHSE_DoOD For example, as a person (Ian, @people4strategy) rather than this week's #ODNE Twitter host, I share some frustration [right phrase?] with you, Maxine, that #orgdev practice & priorities mainly seems to neglect #place & #materialityofplace... Very odd when other practices /more2 hours ago 0
@maxine_craig @CormacRussell @nesta_uk @NHSE_DoOD Yes, it and related conversations such as this could be very fruitful... hours ago 0
One participant quoted as saying “I don’t think we necessarily need something as big as this in the future. I think community-based ones for me would be the way to go working with councils.”2 hours ago 0
Report in The Herald newspaper which summarises recommendations & thoughts by some participants on process & lessons hours ago 0
Very nice. Thank you, @CormacRussell. I had to look up #AssetBasedCommunityDevelopment #ABCD which @nesta_uk have a Sept 20 report on. Have experienced it though & it's great. For #orgdev folk, links to #AppreciativeInquiry approaches... & to some of what @maxine_craig argues... hours ago 2
Something a bit different from our normal tweets. Group & system level work & outputs going to the level of a society & its polity. The work itself has been subject of political debate in Scotland. Original Twitter home is day ago 0
@OD_optimist @holiness2 @IanPBuckingham So, to sum up: there was *uncertainty* over the whereabouts of the aforementioned chocolate; there is however little *complexity* about what likely happened to it...2 days ago 0

Our Supporters 

Together with our founding sponsors, we created this community to provide a professional, safe space for connecting and learning. Our members call it ‘the home of OD’. Our purpose is close to their hearts: “to support Europe’s organisations to become more effective and healthy through the advancement of the theory and practice of OD”.

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